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Web-portal on Ukrainian investments attractiveness

Web-portal on Ukrainian investments attractiveness

UKRAINETRADEINVEST is a development of the USAID | BIZPRO in cooperation with the Ukrainian NGO, Business Technologies Development Center. It is an informational portal that seeks to connect foreign buyers and investors with featured Ukrainian companies. The focus is on selected high-growth industry sectors and higher value-added products.  We expect that export and investment deals will be facilitated by the introductions made via this portal. This portal strives to be a virtual one-stop shop for information about promising sourcing and investment opportunities in high-growth sectors.

Ukraine represents a tremendous opportunity in terms of investment attractiveness and potential high returns, and as a sourcing partner for foreign buyers. Through this portal, you can find general information in Facts About Ukraine, Business Environment in Ukraine for investing and sourcing, Cost of Doing Business in Ukraine, and more specific information about high-growth industry sectors and featured companies within those sectors. The industry sectors featured will include Furniture, Home Furnishings, Construction Materials, Fruit & Vegetable Processing, Textile & Apparel and Tourism. Coming soon will be more industry overviews and featured companies.  Companies Featured on this portal have all been pre-screened by USAID | BIZPRO for having export potential and/or management capabilities and strategic business plans that will enable them to engage in investment or joint venture discussions.

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